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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 5, 2016 4:00am-4:30am MST

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clton does representhe establishment. i represent, i hope, orry americs who are not all that inamerred with the esblishment. >>honestly, sator sanders is the only person who thi woulcharacter me, a woman nning t be the first woman presiden exemplifyinghe esblishment and i g to tell you that it is -- [ applause ] it is rlly quite amusing to me. >> later they battl over national security. >> we differed on t war in ir, whichre bbaric ganizations likeisis. not oy did i vote against that war, i hped lead the opsion. look, we didiffer. a vote in 2002 is not a pla t defeisis. we have to look at the threats
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have to be prepared to take tm onnd deftthem. it wast all bac and for annear t e of the debate the candidate acally shared a me by yeah moment. >> first perso will talk to about where we go and how toet it done will be senator sders. i happen to respect the setor ry much. hopet's mutual and on our worst day, i thinkt' fair to say we' 0% bet than any republican candidate. you like that? >> thasru >> so, whowo was a toss . the ar of e coerio onook, a dead tie. sanders gained me followers during the debate.
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days until theinprimary,n new mpshire,here no undercard debate. this shows marco rubio leap frogging ted cruz into second acin new hamhirebehind frontrunner, donald trump. they're increasing their cks. hally jackn has more. >> reporter: wh momentum in w hampe, marcoio's hoping for photo finish dring crowds in every sho as blican rivals take tirs. the w attacks sparked bhis slip, mark sanrum eorsing rubio but rubio struggling to say why. >> m feeling onar i soone withtremepdndous potentia potential and four years w
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>> rorter: and compitors ng lebush with kelly kelly odond. >> what has he done? >> thi guy has only done one thing, that was write an amnesty bill for illegal immigrants >> i'm of my service in public cord. we have realachiements. >> reporter:ubio trying to ay abovehe estshment pay r and so is john kach, mpaignin at concort high hool. >> are you the president? >> did youun a negative campgn? >> wouldn' it be gre if you could rik y do for class president. reporter: a donald trp is trumping everyoneelse, slamming all politicians spoliticians. >> i was goingo sath're
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llary clinlten enclintos nlt the only oneeing dged boo iy e ate departnt. inrmatn was also st to colon pell and condoleezza rice and they weren't marked classified at the timehey were certain,heysay. in s francisco, the stage weekend. mo than 1 million visitors are expected to pour into they by the bay. the big m up tween the deer bronc and the carolina panthers i'm guessing the celebraons are already unrway? reporter: yeah, absolutely. good morng to you. early morning here in san fransco but it's friday morning. that means super bowl weekd has officiay bendredsf thousds of the
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lookg for a tickhat big game. >> everybody welme to san ancisco. thho of sup bowl >> reporter: it is literally the gold ticket. and as we geclos to kick off, a tough ticket for those who want t be a part of otball history by the bay. >> you just wonder if you're ever going to get the opportunity. reporter: forife long bronco fans, super sunda will be personal. >> our anniversary. >> is the day of the super bo. >> reporter: and they'll celebrate with a romtic dinner. >> i'll buy her a br and a hot dog. >> reporr: time and the ticket supply are runng short. >> ts is a very expensive ticket >> reporter: $5,000 and climbing. >> there is lsupplyn the coary market s the prices are higher. >> rorr: and if you're
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ma se it'she real deal. >> the nflas done a phenomenal b blding a ticket with a great deal of security features. there's a hologram here a tn there's the heatensitive ink. >> reporter: on ticket to a memory that will last a lifetime. ye, anyou know, the gng rate right n on tho after market tketsbo $5,000 each. compare that teirst super bowl where t face value was $10. ankn you don'tike to say this stuff puicly but you're so generous sending your cret card tpay for the eire crew to go to thig game. >> keepdrming. >>remember that former
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raising ari o a dg by 5,00. provoa lot of anger along the w invoking his fifth amendmt. >>eporter: appearing to smirk and oft inatteive. form form erpharceutal,tin kri lived up tois bad boy repuetion appring before congress posing for pictures inead of stening. it's not funny, mr. shkreli. people are d andhere gett sker and sicker. >> reporter: shkreli decled to answer why the company hence led raised the price of a lif saving drug 5,000%. >> d you think you've do anythingwron>> on the advice of counse i invoke invoke my if everfifth amendme privege.
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talk. he let h attorney speak for him. >> some of what you saw was nervous energ fmn individual who would very much like toxplain what happened. >> repte leang thether drupg company executisacing tion questions. valiant under fe for hiking prices on wellstablished ugs. >> wre listening and we're chng. >>eporter: shkreli took to twitter calling the coreman an imbissal. ann thompson, nbc news, new york. meteorologist, bill kari here with your friday recast. >> slippery morning for the morning commut we have winter storm rningsn new england and wter weaer advisory from i 95 to the coast. itas rainnd now turning over snow in many areas.
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what makes this forecast interesting and difficu is the temperatures are ave freezing. in some cases, ssiifantly ove freezing. and weet the accumulationut right now e roads are just wet. mo of the accumulatnsill be on t grassy rfac. e heavier aas o snow in areas along i 95 south from bostonown along the coas rtford t n york city, lks like the grass areas could pick up tee to four inches. it's a little chilly in minneapolid chicago. we will be watching a weak storm on the west coas seasably coolromklahoma down to the southeast. we cleared out in new engld,
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and super bowl suny los fine at8 and sunny. weill see snow showers ithe great lakes. there's a big storm o t soutast coast. w a closer look at ur d ahea so, in a ofew engnd and e datlantic coast, mperates in the cities will be above freezing. watch out for the bdges and over passes no signs ofold air in the nohern plains yet. so should be a very enjoyable super bowl. >> as long as it goes off without a hih. just ahead, newvidence fromhat somalia plane with hole blown i it that points to a bomb plus, atvoing for a joy rideitut a driver. how is that possible?me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see meo know that psoriasis ijust someing that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know at i won'ttop.
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where somalia was likel caused boo abomb. that's wha multiple sources have td nbc news. they found explove residue, likelyromilitary gde explosive. no terrorist gup has claimed reonsibity. a man fro new jerse has been arres after his drone h unto t 40thor of th empire ste building. he was filming with and expo and exektected to face criminal chars. >>is ian atv that went rogue when its ownerried to ridet in january. ital sto when it flipped on the sid of a building. as par of president obama' final budget request, heel'll propose $10 charge perarrel
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t his morning on "today," we're just six month aw fro the opening ceremonies for the olympics in rio. in sports, ke bryt rned back the it clock wh trerfoances th.a. lakers faced the licans. kobe nailed three, three pointers in the final six minutes mites. he finished with 27 points and 12 rebounds to lead the lakers over the pelicans, 99-96. this is eldric the rob lfer naili a holn one the 16th in arizona. on only his fifth attempt. don't we all wish it was that easy.
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bmx legend has died from a parent suicide. he medaled i ery x game through 2008 and had 24 career x game records at the time he leaves nd a wifend chilen. was 41 years old.
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now nofor that entertainment news. beyonce fired her entiretaff including h general manag of five years and her cous. she hired new team headf j.p. morgancase's company. and fou of the band earth,indnd fe dd dnesday athe agef 74. aumbeof celebincludin quincy j tk t er to payir respec. some of the hits clude "septemb" d"shining" coined the fs term, boogie wonderland. d the new host "t gear" matt leblanc, aopular program he world.
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adorable puppies predicting the super bowl. >> i want ts to be a clean vote. okay. t's release the puppies. [ applse ] hey, guys. oh wow. land slide. land slideight there. i think it's obvious. thener a the denver brcos. >>oh so clear, they went rig for it. >> w ntdn't even a question. are you roongor theer t braurngoncos? >> i can't say it right here. braurngo o brcoit is. >> i think the carola panthers are a much betterm. >> i woenltn't bet to muc
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angel soft. plus... schools inouthern colorado still recoring from our last blast of winte.. why parents are saying the snow-
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good morni, thks for jning n this fday morning... it's february 5th. i'm ira cronin. and i'm shellene cockrl. on this first alert 5 weather day-- we have some delays to tell you about wis-lmer district 38, monument academy charter schl and fort carson, all on a hour delay. we'll scro the latest dela-- as ty come in-on the bottom of the screen. first up ts morning... our first alert 5 weather day coverage continues-- with a at the roads aer anoer fresh batch of snow overnight. news 5's joanna wise is live in colrdo springs-- joanna-- tough conditions again this morning! good morning... if you're headed out for you moing commute. expect mes one. we're at thentersection of struerand northge onhe north side of colorado springs. the plowarout this morning.
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springs streets division. they are one a city-wideull
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